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SlimCut Launches “Cost-Per-Completed-View” on its premium video marketplace.

Canadian advertisers can now buy campaigns with 100% completed views guaranteed, on Upscale™, the company’s private marketplace.

Toronto, August 26, 2015 – SlimCut Media, the leader in video outstream advertising innovation, has added “cost-per-completed-view” (CPCV) as a pricing option for media buyers. Via SlimCut Media’s private marketplace, Upscale™, brands will now have the option to buy video per impressions (CPM) or by per completed views.

CPCV pricing allows advertisers to pay only when a video ad has been fully seen, the rest of the impressions being received as complementary brand exposure. An average of 60% of the impressions are therefore free.

“The CPCV model is something that has been asked by media buyers for premium video,” said Alek Borscevski, vice president of sales at SlimCut Media. We are excited to add this option in Upscale™, as it offers brands 100% viewability and guaranteed performance.”

“It generates incremental revenue for our premium publishers, as SlimCut Outstream Video formats over-performs regular pre-roll,” added Damien Véran, the company’s president.

CPCV pricing inventory is already available on Upscale™’s premium publisher’s sites. Upscale™ does not compete with publisher’s direct sales team, as advertisers purchase from a bundle of properties.

About SlimCut Media
SlimCut Media creates new premium advertising opportunities for publishers through video advertising. With offices in New York, Paris, Toronto, and Sao Paulo, SlimCut Media is a global leader in outstream video advertising innovation. www.slimcutmedia.com.

About Upscale™ Marketplace
Upscale™ is a private marketplace that facilitates video advertising purchases between select publishers and advertisers. Advertisers are guaranteed 100% viewable video placement with no fraud. Publishers receive access to high value campaigns, without competing with their direct sales. Upscale™ provides video inventory across desktop, tablet and mobile. www.upscalemarketplace.com


Damien Véran, president, and Alek Borscevski, vice president sales are available for interviews.
For all media inquiries please contact Jessica:
1-416-805-0633 | jessica.chambers[a]slimcutmedia.com

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